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USA Today Article: Aguilera's image is 'Stripped'
Christina Aguilera has a right to sing the blues. Just ask her. Sure, the 21-year-old found pop stardom seemingly overnight back in 1999, when her self-titled debut album launched the chart-topping hits Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants. The subsequent smash success of her remake of Lady Marmalade confirmed Aguilera's status as the hottest teen diva since her fellow Mickey Mouse Club alumna Britney Spears. More
Rolling Stone Article: Christina Takes Control
What a girl wants - it turns out - is to grow up. And right now, Christina Aguilera is doing just that with a new album she's making on her own terms. "We're in the home stretch," Aguilera says of the fall release as she curls up on a couch inside a Hollywood recording studio. It's late on a Friday night in June, and Aguilera is at work with producer Linda Perry, the hot hand behind Pink's recent hits. Read More
Full Name: Christina Maria Aguilera
Birth date: December 18, 1980
Birthplace: Staten Island, New York, USA
Hometown: Wexford, Pennsylvania, USA
Parents: Jim & ShellySiblings: Michael, Casey, Rachel, & Stephanie
Hobbies & Interests: shopping, watching movies, hanging out with friends, music, dancing, sports (baseball, etc.)
Goals: to be a successful recording artist, continue in the 'business', move into acting a bit without leaving music (kind of like Whitney Houston did), learn Spanish and piano, visit South America.

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